10 Healthy Weigh Loss Foods and Drinks for Fat Burning

Wait, is it possible to reduce waist size by changing what you eat?

Well, ABSOLUTELY YES! And I am the living proof of that.

Healthy life and weight loss is often a combination of multiple smaller habit changes.

If you want less pounds and more health and self-esteem then you’re ready to change your eating habits. This is a list of foods that can help you with that goal.

1. Black pepper

Thanks to piperine, its active ingredient, black pepper is high on the list of foods that speed up the fat burning process.

Not only that – the tests showed that it successfully prevents the mere creation of unwanted fat cells in the body.

2. Lentils and beans

Legumes, including lens, are an excellent group of foods for weight loss.

High fiber contents, yet very few calories. Research shows that people who regularly consume legumes have slimmer waist, lower body weight and flat stomach.

3. Chilli – hot peppers

In addition to reducing appetite, chili pepper is responsible for thermogenesis – creates heat in the body.

This heating process requires the consumption of extra calories, which in turn results in loss of fat, and according to one study, stimulates the whole digestive system and protects against ulcers.

4. Bilberry

Delicious nutrient-rich berries with low glycemic index.

Bilberry reduces cholesterol and in a special way affects the process of transforming sugar into energy in our body. You can consume them without counting its calories.

5. Green Tea

This plant is known putting your metabolism into a higher gear!

With the help of green tea, the body quickly dissolves grease, reduces toxins and waste products, while protecting the heart and blood vessels.

6. Apple

When you get the urge for sweet dessert, apple is an ideal replacement.

It’s rich in dietary fiber, which will fill you up, improve digestion and stabilize the gut flora.

It has diuretic effect, and make you reduce excess fluid from the body.

7. Grapefruit

Half a grapefruit that you eat for breakfast or half an hour before meals will help you feel full and prevent overeating.

Grapefruit is known for its high content of vitamin C and as a powerful activator of metabolism, which stimulates the breakdown of fat in the body.

8. Ceylon cinnamon

In addition to protecting against inflammation, Ceylon cinnamon is also well known as a tool that reduces appetite and promotes the feeling of satiety.

It also reduces blood sugar levels and it’s suitable for diabetics who want to lose excess weight.

Be sure to include it when preparing teas and meals.

9. Almonds

Nutty protein and fiber rich treats should always be at your disposal, especially if you want to fit into a smaller dress size.

Almonds can help you stay full between meals. It is also proven to melt deposits in the abdominal area.

Eat them raw every day! Studies have found that almonds can accelerate weight loss by as much as 62%!

10. Spinach and green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables should be a regular part of any weight loss diet. They are low in calories but rich in vitamins, including A and C, minerals, especially iron and calcium.

Satiety is also one of its strengths, while curing digestion problems and excretion of waste products and toxins from the body.

Lisa Watson

Hey there! I'm Lisa, a health & fitness enthusiast. I am thrilled to be your guide on journey of transforming your lifestyle into a more healthier one. I will give my best to help you improve your eating and exercise habits in order to achieve your weight goals. Remember, the greatest wealth is out health!

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