6 Healthy Habits To Lose Weight Faster

Most diets promise quick results, but at the cost of hunger, boredom and unhealthy eating habits.

Nutritionist from Glasgow, Fiona Kirk,  lays out proven ways to reduce weight quickly and without damaging your health.

She revealed six easy and healthy habits to lose weight.

Balance and diversity are important

These are the two most important premises of any diet. Make sure that you provide your body the “big six things”:

  • carbohydrates
  • proteins
  • fats
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • water

Whether you want to lose weight gradually or in 3 days, its very important to balance and not always hold to a same routine when it comes to food.

Stir, combine and balance.

Say “yes” to fat

Fat is our friend.

Both saturated and unsaturated fats are important for the brain, heart, nerves, bones, healthy immune system and weight loss.

The body uses fat as “fuel” for generating energy, which is much better than cereal and starch, which is often recommended.

However, be careful and stay away from “artificial” fats.

Be aware of carbohydrates

There is a big confusion when it comes to carbohydrates, because there are so many of them.

Some are great and should be taken every day (most vegetables).

Others are also good, but not required to be consumed on a daily basis (fruits, root vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds). And some should be consumed only occasionally (potatoes, bread, white pasta and rice), while others are nothing more than a pleasure on a plate (cakes, cookies, chips, etc.).

Come up with your eating routine

No matter if you’re the type person who eats rarely but a lot, or who eats frequently but small portions, neither is wrong!

There is no right and wrong routine when it comes to weight loss.

All you need to do is determine which routine suits your lifestyle so you can always choose the right food.

Be physically active everyday

Whenever you have a chance go outside, run, jog, walk, ride a bicycle … This way you will not only burn fat, but also improve your overall health and vitamin D levels (even when there is no sun).

Do not plan which day will be a “cheat day”

When you are fed up with your new eating habits its not a bad idea to “cheat”.

Off course there is no point to cheat every day, but it also there is no point to plan and wait for the day when you will eat everything that you are not supposed to eat.

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