How To Fight a Cold and Strengthen Immunity System With Water, Lemon and Honey

For one year I drank water, lemon and honey every morning!

I realized 3 important things!

Until a few years ago, lemon and honey were reserved only for the time when I had flu. And I must admit it never helped me.

That’s why at first I didn’t believe in the effectiveness of drinking warm water with lemon and honey every morning, but I still decided to give it a try.

Everyone talks about the beneficial impact of warm water, lemon and honey. I decided to drink this mixture every morning for one whole year. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, and here’s why.

All year I didn’t have even a slightest cold. Really. I had a few early symptoms of flu such as sniffling and fatigue but never went further than that. I am convinced it’s because of this mixture. Now I always carry lemons and honey in my purse.

No need for coffee and finally I became a morning person. Instead of caffeine I chose lemon juice first thing in the morning. This gives me much more energy compared to coffee. In fact, now I wake up with a smile on my face instead of being grouchy until I’ve had that first cup of coffee.

People around me are healthier! This actually took the longest time – to learn my friends and family members that this combination is effective. However, once they realized the benefits, they drink the mixture every morning.


Use half of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a teaspoon of raw organic honey. Boil the water, then let it cool down and add lemon and honey. Drink as soon as you wake up.

Personally I like to use half a lemon, but this is up to your own taste.


These are 3 of my favorite reasons:

Protects against various infections, such as urinary

If you drink this mixture immediately after waking up, you stimulate the digestive system, colon moisturize and protect yourself from constipation. In addition, this mixture is a good diuretic, which cleans the urinary tract, thus preventing infections.

Improves digestion

Each ingredient helps in the process of digestion: lemon helps the liver to produce more bile and thus effectively wrecks the food you eat. Honey has antibacterial properties that helps against infections. It also helps in the production of mucus in the stomach, thus more effectively removes toxins from the body. Also it is good for weight loss.

Improves overall health

Lemon is great for the skin, while water and honey help in the production of collagen. This mixture also helps with the production of new blood cells and cleansing the blood.

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