Product That Causes Bloating – We Use It Daily

While browsing through the Internet, I read an interesting study that says that chewing gums are harmful. Ok, it’s not like I ever thought they were healthy – but, frankly, I never even thought much about it. Here is what the study revealed.

And, unfortunately, it’s not just about gum …

There are certain ingredients in foods that make you feel bloated. Dairy products? Of course. A beer? Yup. But she miniature tiles chewing gum? According to the mentioned scientific research, commonly used additive which can be found in some types of bread, sweets, and – yes – chewing gums, is associated with the health of the digestive tract.

The trigger for bloating: titanium dioxide (E171), which is used to make the food look more beautiful. It seems to operate lighter foods. (For a better idea, you can try to imagine Highlighter apply on the face. This is the effect.).

Scientists have discovered that it may prevent the efficient absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract, which, consequently, may increase inflammation and chronic inflammatory processes in the body.

Just to be absolutely clear: the aforementioned additive, which is also in a large number of cosmetic products – from toothpaste to funds for sunbathing – is considered safe and is found on all the lists of permitted additives. So, it will not kill us, but will cause subtle effects that we need to know.

CONCLUSION: Having a chewing gum after we had eaten a portion of Greek salad might save us the smell of onions, but it will definitely cause some bloating and also Titanium dioxide can reduce the effects of a healthy diet.

Lisa Watson

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