Do You Workout Even When You Are Sick?

If you happen to have a cold, closely listen to your body, because that’s the only way to know whether to continue with workouts.

According to a study published several years ago in the British journal of sports medicine, people who regularly exercise have milder symptoms of cold and recover much faster compared to those who don’t exercise.

However, even they are not fully protected!

If you have a fever and feel exhausted, doctors warn that you should NOT exercise. There is a big misconception that sweating will help the body to expel viruses. During this period the body needs to rest in order to recover the immune system.

With milder colds exercise is acceptable, but it’s suggested that you work on 50% of your maximum capacity. Walk for 15 minutes instead of running for 30 minutes, or do 1 series of weightlifting instead of 5.

If symptoms include dry cough, sneezing, runny nose, feel free to continue with your workouts. But if you feel muscle pain, tightness in the chest, stomach restless, then you need to rest. Once you are fully recovered, gradually get back to your exercise routine, especially if you have been ill for a longer period.

Lisa Watson

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