Top 5 Foods That Flush Nicotine Out of The Body

We are all aware of the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine on the body.

If you’re a heavy smoker or if you just quit smoking, the fastest way to clean the body from nicotine is with these fresh and tasty foods.

1. Green tea and vitamin water

People who regularly smoke more quickly come to a state of dehydration.

Drinking larger amounts of water, vitamins or green tea soothe nicotine from the body and keep you hydrated.

2. Kiwi and lemon

In addition to water, smoking eliminates A, C and E vitamins, which boosts the immune system and helps the body in fighting against various infections and germs.

To make up for the lost vitamins eat kiwi or drink a glass of lemonade every morning.

3. Spinach and broccoli

Folic acid is very important for normal body functioning and development, but it also helps with nicotine removal.

Folic acid can be found in spinach.

Broccoli is packed with C and B5 vitamins which are lost when smoking.

4. Fresh carrot

Nicotine destroys your skin and makes it dull and dry.

If you want to get rid of this terrible side effects of smoking then eat more carrots!

Carrots contain large amounts of vitamin A, K, C and B which are the main body cleansers.

Include it in salads or blend it with apple and lemon.

5. Orange juice

This refreshing drink hydrates the body, provides necessary vitamins and cleanses it from nicotine.

Squeeze two oranges, add a little water and drink it between meals.

Lisa Watson

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